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#StaySafeOnline: Make sure you’re using all your devices carefully (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone) 2 days 19 hours ago #DidYouKnow criminals behind #fake good sites may use your card details again to make further purchases? #Wakeupdontfakeup 2 days 19 hours ago

INTERPOL is a truly global organization, working to turn back crime. The journey began 100 years ago at the first International Criminal Police Congress in...

Support from around the world

Support from around the world

We are delighted to see continuing support from police forces and other partners across the globe.

Turn Back Crime takes centre stage / La Campagne prend le devant de la scène

Shop safely

What products are faked? What’s the problem? What can you do?

What products are faked?

When you hear the term “fake goods”, what comes to mind? Handbags, watches and jewellery? Yes, to all of those.

More worryingly, the traffic in illegal goods also includes:

  • Medicines;
  • Food, drink, baby formula and alcohol;
  • Cosmetics and perfumes;
  • Electronic appliances;
  • Toys;
  • ...


How do crimes affect you?

What do we mean by organized ‘crime’?

We’re not talking about minor offences. We’re talking about transnational, large-scale crimes, run by extensive and complex criminal enterprises.

Crimes that cross national borders, time zones, languages and jurisdictions.

Beware of unsafe alcohol

What are the dangers of fake alcohol?

Are you planning a party or a night out with friends? Or just thinking of stocking up on your favourite drinks? Don’t let your good time turn into a nightmare: watch out for fake liquors that could leave you with more than a bad headache.

What are the dangers of fake alcohol?

Do you fancy some methanol in your margarita? Or would you prefer a shot of cleaning...