About the campaign


Making our communities safer

Turn Back Crime is a campaign to raise awareness about the organized, transnational criminal networks behind various crimes that can affect the general public on a day-to-day level. In particular, those crimes that are harmful to health or that are facilitated by the Internet.

Fake goods and medicines, cybercrime and crimes against children are all areas where the public can take steps to protect themselves and their families. For example, by shopping only at reputable outlets and by taking extra care in online activities.

These changes in behaviour can also help reduce the amount of money driven by crime syndicates into their illegal activities.

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Working in partnership

Action is needed not only from consumers, but also from businesses and governments. The Turn Back Crime campaign reaches out to companies and policy makers in a bid to form a united front against contemporary crime challenges.

By working together, we can strike at the crimes themselves and reduce the impact on public health and safety.

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Who is behind the campaign?

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190  member countries. The Organization’s role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. Its high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support helps meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century.

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Support from around the world

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We are delighted to see continuing support from police forces and other partners across the globe.

Austria’s police warns about prescription drugs bought on the Internet

Be extra careful when ordering prescription drugs on Internet, as you could be putting your life at risk. This is the clear warning from Austria’s national police as part of its nationwide Turn Back Crime campaign, launched on 1 June 2015.