Closing ranks on crime in Sint Maarten


As part of a national campaign to turn back crime in Sint Maarten, the national police - Korps Politie – seized large quantities of illegally owned firearms and narcotic substances nationwide during 2014 as part of its INTERPOL Turn Back Crime campaign.

Organized crime starts with money

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About the campaign

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Making our communities safer

Turn Back Crime is a campaign to raise awareness about the organized, transnational criminal networks behind various crimes that can affect the general public on a day-to-day level. In particular, those crimes that are harmful to health or that are facilitated by the Internet.

Fake goods and medicines, cybercrime and crimes against children are all areas where the public can take steps to protect themselves and their families. For example, by shopping only at reputable outlets and by taking extra care in online activities.

Support from around the world

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We are delighted to see continuing support from police forces and other partners across the globe.

Austria’s police warns about prescription drugs bought on the Internet

Be extra careful when ordering prescription drugs on Internet, as you could be putting your life at risk. This is the clear warning from Austria’s national police as part of its nationwide Turn Back Crime campaign, launched on 1 June 2015.