Filipino stars help INTERPOL Manila turn back crime


An enthusiastic gathering of well-known athletes, actors, singers, TV presenters and government leaders joined staff of INTERPOL Manila to launch the Turn Back Crime campaign on 10 December.

More than 80 senior government officials took part in the event at the Philippine Center on Transnational Crime. As well as political backing, the campaign received a strong boost from the following celebrities who were appointed as official campaign Ambassadors for the Philippines:

  • World champion professional boxer, actor, singer and congressman Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao;
  • Actor, television personality, comedian, and politician Edu Manzano;
  • Internationally recognized pocket billiard star Efren Manalang Reyes, considered by many to be the greatest pool player of all time;
  • "The Volcano" pool champion Ronald Alcano;
  • Billiard super-star "Django" Francisco Bustamante.

During the launch ceremony, The Honorable Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa called on all Filipinos to support this important national crime prevention campaign, stating that  “We need to connect with the community to defeat organized crime”.

The Philippines is the fourth Asian country to launch the Turn Back Crime campaign, which helps people understand how they can protect themselves, their loved ones and their businesses from crime.


About the campaign

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Making our communities safer

Turn Back Crime is a campaign to raise awareness about the organized, transnational criminal networks behind various crimes that can affect the general public on a day-to-day level. In particular, those crimes that are harmful to health or that are facilitated by the Internet.

Fake goods and medicines, cybercrime and crimes against children are all areas where the public can take steps to protect themselves and their families. For example, by shopping only at reputable outlets and by taking extra care in online activities.

Organized crime starts with money

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Support from around the world

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We are delighted to see continuing support from police forces and other partners across the globe.

Austria’s police warns about prescription drugs bought on the Internet

Be extra careful when ordering prescription drugs on Internet, as you could be putting your life at risk. This is the clear warning from Austria’s national police as part of its nationwide Turn Back Crime campaign, launched on 1 June 2015.