Namibia’s Presidential Turn Back Crime launch takes flight


Releasing hundreds of Turn Back Crime balloons to the skies, the President of Namibia and the children of Oshakati jointly launched the Turn Back Crime campaign on Friday 20 February.   

With great applause from the crowds, four Ambassadors were appointed by Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga to support the campaign:

  • Track and field Olympic medalist Frank Fredericks who is also an International Olympic Committee member;
  • Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Director General, Albertus Aochamub;
  • Namibian Kwaito musician Martin Morocky known as ‘The Dogg’;
  • Business woman Maria Kapia.

The Ambassadors have a key role to play in propelling the campaign forward and raising public awareness about crime and how to stay safe.

The campaign was launched at Oshakati Independence Stadium before thousands of spectators to mark the 24th anniversary of Namibia’s National Police Force. The Namibian campaign will focus largely on the risks of purchasing and consuming illicit and counterfeit products which can be dangerous and sometimes even lethal.


Shop safely

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What products are faked?

When you hear the term “fake goods”, what comes to mind? Handbags, watches and jewellery? Yes, to all of those.

More worryingly, the traffic in illegal goods also includes:

  • Medicines;
  • Food, drink, baby formula and alcohol;
  • Cosmetics and perfumes;
  • Electronic appliances;
  • Toys;
  • Engine oil;
  • Construction materials;
  • Pesticides.

In other words, all the day-to-day items we take for granted are at risk of being counterfeit.

Watch out for fake electronic gadgets

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Are you thinking of buying any new electronic gadgets? Perhaps you want to upgrade your smartphone? If so, be aware that electronic devices are the second most counterfeited product, after illicit medicines. Before you buy, check your new devices are certified genuine items and make sure you get the real deal.

Beware of unsafe alcohol

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Are you planning a party or a night out with friends? Or just thinking of stocking up on your favourite drinks? Don’t let your good time turn into a nightmare: watch out for fake liquors that could leave you with more than a bad headache.