Zambia’s Turn Back Crime campaign is a knockout!


A right hook from the Minister of Home Affairs launched Zambia’s Turn Back Crime campaign on 21 May at the Police Headquarters in Lusaka.

After several friendly rounds in the ring with INTERPOL Lusaka staff to illustrate the punch required to effectively turn back crime, Home Affairs Minister Chama Davies declared Zambia’s campaign officially launched.

“Organized crime in Zambia will have to throw in the towel soon.  With this campaign being deployed throughout the nation, all Zambians will be more aware about how to stay safe and protect their loved ones and businesses from the scourge of regional crime” stated the Minister.

To alert the people of Zambia to the dangers of organized crime, Boxing Champion Catherine Phiri was nominated as Zambia’s Turn Back Crime Ambassador.

“For me, it is a rare privilege to be part of this global campaign.  When I am in the ring I will always fight in good faith with honour and respect for the law.  This is how we stand together to turn back crime!”

Zambia’s Turn Back Crime campaign was launched in the presence of its Inspector General of Zambia Police Stella Mwaka Libongani and officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Health, Police, Prisons, Drug Enforcement Commission and a number of local NGOs.


Organized crime starts with money

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About the campaign

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Making our communities safer

Turn Back Crime is a campaign to raise awareness about the organized, transnational criminal networks behind various crimes that can affect the general public on a day-to-day level. In particular, those crimes that are harmful to health or that are facilitated by the Internet.

Fake goods and medicines, cybercrime and crimes against children are all areas where the public can take steps to protect themselves and their families. For example, by shopping only at reputable outlets and by taking extra care in online activities.