Shop safely

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What products are faked? What’s the problem? What can you do?

What products are faked? When you hear the term “fake goods”, what comes to mind? Handbags, watches and jewellery? Yes, to all of those. More worryingly, the traffic in illegal goods also includes: Medicines; Food, drink, baby formula and alcohol; Cosmetics and perfumes; Electronic appliances; Toys;...

Choose your medicines with care

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How can we spot fake medical products?

Rather than making you better, some medicines can in fact be bad for you. Whatever your illness, it’s important to make sure you get your medicines from a regulated source.

Fight against food fraud

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What is food fraud? What are the dangers? What to look out for.

It may affect your appetite to know that everyday food products could have been illegally altered or contain fraudulent ingredients. What is food fraud? The idea is difficult to digest, but organized criminal groups deliberately deceive consumers about the contents or quality of food products. Not only do these criminals make huge amounts of money by lying but, in...

Beware of unsafe alcohol

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What are the dangers of fake alcohol?

Are you planning a party or a night out with friends? Or just thinking of stocking up on your favourite drinks? Don’t let your good time turn into a nightmare: watch out for fake liquors that could leave you with more than a bad headache.

Watch out for fake electronic gadgets

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What is the problem? Tips to avoid buying fake gadgets.

Are you thinking of buying any new electronic gadgets? Perhaps you want to upgrade your smartphone? If so, be aware that electronic devices are the second most counterfeited product, after illicit medicines. Before you buy, check your new devices are certified genuine items and make sure you get the real deal.

Stay safe on the Internet

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What are the risks? What can you do?

For most of us, it’s impossible to imagine living without the Internet, but are you aware of the risks to your safety? Children and young people are particularly vulnerable, but adults can also be duped into building up relationships with people who are not who they say they are.

Protect your device and data

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What are the risks? What can you do?

What are the risks? We’ve all received spam emails trying to sell us products we don’t want or need. As well as being annoying, and sometimes offensive, they could contain viruses. ‘Phishing’ emails are another common risk. At a glance, these emails may appear to come from a genuine company. They are in fact sent with the aim of getting you to click  through to a...

Help stop human trafficking

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Why are people trafficked? What can you do?

Slavery is something of a bygone era, something you only read about in history books, isn’t it? Unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth. Trafficking in human beings is the modern equivalent and very much a problem today. Criminals dupe or force their victims into horrendous situations. Trafficked between countries...

Reduce the impact on the environment

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What's the problem? What can you do?

Imagine you’re on vacation (so far so good) and looking to buy a souvenir to take back home. You want something beautiful, exotic – perhaps a piece of coral, an ivory figure, a wood carving, or some traditional food or medicine. But do you really know what’s behind these products? If you look a bit deeper, you might find that some of the most innocent-looking products, if not...

Play fairly

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What exactly is match-fixing? What can you do?

When you think of sports you probably think of team spirit and fair play. This is usually the case, but many sports – including football – face the problems of corruption and match-fixing. Match-fixing has been around for a long time but the Internet has made it extremely easy to bet on matches anywhere in the world.


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Detecting and preventing illicit transactions

Detecting and preventing illicit transactions Wouldn’t it be great if airline companies could spot the fraudulent use of travel documents? In the future, this will be a reality.